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MIT Media Lab spinoff Augmental, an innovative hardware startup focused on creating human-first experiences that enhance everyday interactions with digital devices and interfaces, today announces the launch of the MouthPad^ — a groundbreaking innovation that allows people to control devices purely through the movement of their tongue. The hardware company’s first device aims to push the boundaries of hands-free computing making technology more human.


Advertising Agency:

Wunderman Thompson Peru

Global Chief Creative Officers:

Daniel Bonner, Bas Korsten

Global Executive Creative Directors & Chief Creative Officers, LATAM:

Daniel Minaker, Sebastian Tarazaga

Global Head of Inclusive Design:

Josh Loebner

CEO, Peru:

Paul Thorndike

Managing Director, Peru:

Carlos Bernal

Chief Content Officer, Peru:

Augusto E. Landauro

Global Senior Account Director:

Dana di Lello

Account Director:

Chiara Mavila

Creative Director:

Augusto E. Landauro

Art Director:

Diana Tamayoshi


Camille Morgan

Senior Head of Production:

Rodrigo Sanchez

Agency Editor:

Daniel Ayllon

Creative Collaborator:

Bruno Reggiardo

IT Project Manager:

Diego Jimenez

IT Project Manager:

Beatriz Rosales

Technical Architect:

Edgar Soto


José Andrés Monge, Merelyn Rodriguez, Carlos Loayza, Jocelyn Roman

QA Analyst:

Jan Kubny

Global Creative Operations Director:

Nora Farley

Global Campaign PR Lead:

Jessica Hartley

Global Communications & Public Relations Manager:

Emilie Sharp

Public Relations Director, North America:

Rebecca Sullivan

Production Studio:



Frank Pugliese

Executive Producer:

Maria Aceves




Frankie Pugliese

Co-Founder and Engineer Augmental:

Corten Singer, Tomás Vega

Head of Biomechanical Engineering:

Julian Castellón Odabachian

Head of Business Operations:

Fernando del Campo

Head of Software Engineering:

Corbin Halliwill

Head of Electrical Engineering:

Jana Marie Hemsing

Head of Business Development:

Gabi Muñoz

Head of Design:

Oscar Rosello

Augmental’s Champions:

Brooke Ellison, Krystina Jackson, Tisa Peyton, Kimberlee Jackson, Ronald Jackson, Rocky Stoutenburgh, Christine Stoutenburgh, Jacquelyn Smith, Nico Clothier, Nic Moyrong

Augmental’s Consultants:

Casey Dienel, Virgie Hoban, Nick Foden, Kiril Dobrovolsky


Berkeley SkyDeck Fund, Cibersons, E14 Fund, The House Fund, James Alcorn, Manuel Bryce, Fernando del Campo, Eduardo de las Casas, Alejandro Castillejo, Sebastian Davalos, Gianfranco Ferrari, Carlos Flores, Ian Fox, Alfonso Gálvez, Juan Carlos Gálvez, Susana Gálvez, Ximena Gálvez, Carlos Gomez, Alfonso Gómez-Jordana, Cory Levy, Omeed Mahrouyan, James Musk, Santiago Pardo, Benjamin Quiroga, Andres Santanilla, Jack Styles, Carlota Solis, Jorge Vega Solis, Tomás Vega Solis


May, 2023

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