DAVID Madrid and JCDecaux: Meet Marina Prieto 0.0 Lexus: WOW 9.0 Audi: Handbook Novels 8.0 Milka: Tenderness Against Loneliness 10.0 Persil: The Autograph 10.0 Stop Accidents: Memorial Route 10.0 Volkswagen: The Movement that Unites us 9.0 HMR: Save the Fleet 9.7 Vueling: The Great Flight 0.0 Iberdrola: Whatever Happens 0.0 University of Alcala: The Poem that Would Never have Existed 9.0 Ad of the Day | Cruzcampo: Gitana 9.3 Andalusia Tourism: Andalusian Crush 9.0 Region of Valencia: The Most Immersive Experience is Reality 9.0 Skoda: Bicycle Face 10.0 Dove: Real Virtual Beauty 4.3 Ad of the Day | Dove: Cinthias Battle 5.1 Gyno-Canesbalance: Not All of Us are Made to Smell Fishy Down There 0.0 Samsung: Unfear 10.0 General Traffic Office: Lies 9.7 Teta & Teta: If You don't Cry You don't Get (Case Study) 7.5 Teta & Teta: If You don't Cry You don't Get 7.5 Proximity: Ugly Data Sweater 0.0 COGAM: #LoveWinsQatar 10.0 Abante Asesores: Journeys Through History 9.0 Red Cross: Trajectory 10.0 Cupra: Trackmania 9.0 Region of Valencia: Who Has Lived It Knows It 10.0 Ad of the Day | Shackleton: On the Road Again 9.0 Madri Excepcional: Door Roja 0.0 Mela Val Venosta: Green Grocers Day, The Exchange 9.0 Ad of the Day | ColaCao: Repeat After Me 9.5 CRIS Cancer Foundation: The Battle Inside 9.5 Fundación Mujeres and Twitter: #VerifiedForGood 8.0 Puerto De Indias: Spanish Spirit 9.7 Shackleton: Something Had To Be Done 8.0 Region of Valencia: Whoever Has Lived it Knows Well 8.7 GC Aesthetics: More Summer and No More Nonsense 10.0 Pornhub: Classic Nudes with Cicciolina 9.0 EsPlasticos: The Plastic Museum 10.0 Shackleton: Data Pro Quo 9.0 Samsung: Talk 9.0

Latest News

Jul. 19, 2024

Samsung Galaxy and Cheil Launch ShotControl AI Performance Tool for the Dutch 3x3 Basketball Team

To provide the Dutch Olympics team with an edge, Cheil conceived and developed ShotControl

Jul. 19, 2024

Creative Marketing Company John McNeil Studio Launched a new Ad Spot for Client Five9

New ad campaign for Five9 features Max Homa and Effortless Five9 Iron