Fellowes Brands: PORTRAY 10.0 Uber Eats: It's Good to Cancel 10.0 Vinted: Too Many, Women 10.0 Vinted: Too Many, Men 9.0 LinkedIn: That's Premium, Office 4.5 LinkedIn: That's Premium, Presentation 10.0 LinkedIn: That's Premium, Interview 10.0 Johnson Controls: OpenBlue Innovation Center 10.0 Morgan & Morgan: Hard and Easy, Gym 6.0 Morgan & Morgan: Hard and Easy, Chips 6.0 Morgan & Morgan: Hard and Easy, 10 Min 8.5 Ad of the Day | Slack: The Big Meeting 9.3 Vinted: Move the World, Buyer 10.0 Vinted: Move the World, Seller 10.0 Deezer: Live The Music 9.5 Intuit QuickBooks: For the Hero Behind the Heroes 9.0 Heetch: Greetings from LA Banlieue 6.0 Trainline: New Friendships 0.0 Morning: Alternative Stock Images 9.0 Travelodge: Better Get a Travelodge, Football 0.0 Travelodge: Better Get a Travelodge, Brian 0.0 Travelodge: Better Get a Travelodge, Gym 9.0 eBay: Mirror 10.0 Ad of the Day | Translated: Human Touch 9.8 eBay: Do Re Mi Fa Goal 9.5 Carvana: Hooold 0.0 DoorDash: Triple Threat 0.0 Ad of the Day | TheFork: You're All Set 9.5 HotelTonight: Overpacking is a Sign of Weakness 0.0 HotelTonight: Greatness Deserves Greatness 9.0 TILT: Reel MoCo 0.0 Orange: The Bleues' Highlights 10.0 Ifthen Inc.: The Smart Legacy 0.0 SeLoger: Saves your Neighbours' Day 10.0 Rippling: One Place 10.0 CER: The Lost Ride 10.0 Allianz: Pawscription, 3 10.0 Allianz: Pawscription, 2 10.0 Allianz: Pawscription, 1 10.0 Meta Prosper։ They’re American 9.0 Square: Made to Order for Restaurants 10.0 Square: Made to Order for Retail 10.0

Latest News

Apr. 16, 2024

Director, Writer, Designer Danny Sangra Joins Afterhrs

Afterhrs., a content studio has united with London-based director, writer and illustrator Danny Sangra, whose work spans form and genre with captivating and wildly entertaining results

Apr. 15, 2024

Cut+Run Welcomes Editor Rasmus Nyholm Schmidt for U.S. Representation

Rasmus is known for applying his editing talent to emotionally-driven, visually striking, cinematic projects that inspire curiosity and tell deeply resonant human stories