BETC Paris

Parisian advertising agency, working with clients such as Air France, evian, McDonald's, Canal+, Peugeot, Petit Bateau, Armani, Aigle, Pages Jaunes and many more

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Ad of the Day | Heetch: Choose Uber 10.0 Heinz: The Everyday Heroes 9.0 Ad of the Day | Citroen: The Revolution has Begun 10.0 Michelin: On The Road and Beyond 10.0 evian: Mountain of Youth 10.0 Ad of the Day | Lacoste: Play Big 10.0 Lacoste: Play Big, Ahn Hyo Seop 10.0 Lacoste: Play Big, Wang Yibo 10.0 Lacoste: Play Big, Jeon So-mi 6.0 Lacoste: Play Big, Venus Williams 6.5 Lacoste: Play Big, Novak Djokovic 6.5 Lacoste: Play Big, Pierre Niney 10.0 Citroen: The Ice Ballet 9.0 CANAL+ : Super 10.0 Lacoste: Play Grounded 8.7 High Council for Equality: Let's Make Sexism a Part of History 10.0 Tekken: The Face Off 8.5 Canal + International: Can 2023 9.9 Deezer: Live The Music 9.5 Visit Morocco։ Forever Marrakech 8.0 Heetch: Greetings from LA Banlieue 6.0 Lacoste x Theo Curin: Support Sporting Projects 10.0 LADAPT: A World Without Limits 5.0 Ad of the Day | Distance: Rob it to Get it 9.3 Morning: Alternative Stock Images 9.0 Bouygues Telecom: What Have We Got? 10.0 Misterb&b: Silver Pride 9.3 CER: The Lost Ride 10.0 Lacoste: 90th Anniversary, Paris x Seoul 10.0 Lacoste: 90th Anniversary, Vitry sur Seine x New York 10.0 Lacoste: 90th Anniversary, Marseille x Miami 10.0 Lacoste: 90th Anniversary, Sao Paulo x Tokyo 10.0 Budweiser: Bud Ground Cooler 0.0 CANAL+: B.R.I. Photoshoot 10.0 Canal+: Dystitles 10.0 Ad of the Day | Lacoste / Netflix: Netflix & Chill 9.0 Laboratoire Gallia: The 4th Term 9.0 Ad of the Day | Canal+ : Papa? 10.0 Meta: World Cup Rugby 2023 8.0 Ad of the Day | Canal+: The Secret of Wakany 9.5 Loto: Would You Tell if You Won the Lottery? 5.0 Heetch: World Cup 10.0

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Jul. 25, 2024

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