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Grey London is a creative company on a mission to make a different shape of work that plays a meaningful role in culture.

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Oct. 03, 2022

Ad of the Day | Vodafone Ireland Celebrates Life’s Most Reliable Connections

Vodafone Ireland and Grey London have created a new multi-platform campaign to launch its new connected home product Vodafone GigaHome

Sep. 23, 2022

Sneaker Brand Autry Celebrates US Tennis Legend Bob Lutz in New Campaign by Grey London

Bob Lutz was one of the top US players of his era

Jul. 21, 2022

Ad of the Day | Vodafone Ireland Spotlights Digital Protection With New Secure Net Campaign

Vodafone Ireland has collaborated with Grey London on a new multi-platform campaign for Secure Net

Jul. 04, 2022

No Fruit Should be Forbidden: Dole Sunshine Company Urges His Holiness to Redeem the Apple

The humorous letter looks to update the apple from Original Sin to Original Snack

Jun. 30, 2022

Pringles Offer the First Chance to Get Paid to Work in a Video Game as an NPC (Non Playable Character)

Campaign from Grey London will invite applications and then select a candidate to appear as an NPC in Train Sim World

Apr. 25, 2022

Pringles Launches "Stay In The Game" Campaign With Binary Code Teaser

Developed by Grey London, the campaign coincides with the 40th anniversary of the mighty ZX Spectrum

Mar. 02, 2022

Grey London Evolves Emotion-Led Strategy For Fidelity International

Grey London has created a new commercial for Fidelity International, the investment provider

Mar. 01, 2022

Frylight Launches New Digital Marketing Campaign For Pancake Day With Grey London

Frylight, the original one-calorie spray oil and UK number one oil brand from Saputo Dairy UK

Feb. 04, 2022

Ad of the Day | Pringles Launches New Mind Popping Campaign

New marketing campaign, "Mind Popping", in first global brand relaunch in over 25 years developed by Grey

Feb. 03, 2022

Superdrug Launch New Itty Titty Campaign To Encourage 18-35 Year Olds To check Their Breasts

Grey London and Superdrug have launched a new Itty Titty campaign

Jan. 26, 2022

Cyberflashing Campaign Triggers Debate In Parliament

A cyberflashing debate is took place in parliament, thanks to a hard-hitting campaign launched in September by Brook

Nov. 29, 2021

Incomplete Without The T By Gay Times Amplifund

A campaign by Gay Times and Grey London to support the Trans Community

Latest News

Oct. 04, 2022

Humanaut Campaign Gamifies Crispy, Gluten-Free Crunchmaster Crackers

Advertising agency Humanaut is launching a campaign for client Crunchmaster Crackers to prove that it is the undisputed expert in crunch

Oct. 04, 2022

After Launching a Campaign for an Unavailable Product, La Vie™ Is Finally Coming to the UK

French start-up La Vie™ aims to seduce the British with the arrival of its plant-based bacon