Canon Celebrates the Behind-the-Scenes Dads Who Capture Their Kids' Moments

Canon Celebrates the Behind-the-Scenes Dads Who Capture Their Kids' Moments

Jun. 14, 2024

Canon, the premier technology company specializing in photography, inspires individuals to capture the moment, discover the world, and create enduring memories through the lens of a Canon camera. However, sometimes the story extends beyond the magic captured within the frame.

This Father’s Day, Canon celebrates the countless dads around the world who use their cameras to capture the magic of their children’s lives, while often remaining behind the scenes themselves.

The campaign, shot exclusively with Canon cameras, features photographs that capture everyday yet significant moments in children's lives such as the first day of school, learning how to drive a bicycle or enjoying summer in the pool. Aiming to resonate with Canon’s vast non-professional audience by showcasing the ease and intuitiveness that define Canon’s range.

Steve Delange, Executive Creative Director, Memac Ogilvy, shared his personal connection:

"Looking back on the countless pictures of my childhood, I remember those moments thanks to the pictures that my dad captured, without appearing in them. This campaign celebrates all the parents who selflessly step out of the frame to capture priceless memories for their children..”


The campaign is the product of Canon's collaboration with WPP agencies INGO Hamburg and Memac Ogilvy. It will be showcased in multiple formats throughout the International Father’s Day celebrations.

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