Hours of Sleep Turn into Products, Trips, and Even Cash in Rewards Program for Drivers

Hours of Sleep Turn into Products, Trips, and Even Cash in Rewards Program for Drivers

Apr. 19, 2024

In a move to make Brazil's roads safer, Volkswagen Caminhoes e Onibus is teaming up with Livelo – the country's biggest rewards program – to create an initiative to monitor truck drivers' hours of rest along shipping routes nationwide and convert them into benefits. The Trucker Napp - Earn While You Sleep program is currently being piloted, and interested carriers can sign up at www.truckernapp.com.br.

The first phase will focus on a single client, Carsten Servicos e Transportes. After an initial three-month evaluation period, the mechanics will be adjusted so it can be scaled up, allowing all interested parties to participate.

The drivers' sleep will be monitored by smartwatches connected to a points-based system that rewards hours of sleep with Livelo points – which can even turn into cash in users' bank accounts. The more sleep they get, and the better that sleep is, the more benefits drivers stand to gain. 

A 2021 study by the Brazilian Association of Traffic Medicine (ABRAMET), the Brazilian Academy of Neurology, and the Regional Council of Medicine found that 42% of traffic accidents in Brazil are related to sleep deprivation. Ricardo Alouche, the vice president of sales, marketing, and post-sale service at Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, explains that the program is designed to encourage a healthier and more responsible routine on the country's highways. Currently, 62% of all freight in Brazil is shipped by trucks. 

Alouche said:

"The idea behind this project was to benefit and support partners and clients who make a living off shipping, and thus help make the roads safer for everyone. The partnership with Livelo and Carsten was crucial in kicking off this crucial intervention. From here on out, we'll be dedicated to getting even more companies engaged with the program on all fronts." 


According to Marcelino Cruz, the executive director of B2B development at Livelo, the use of Livelo points as an incentive gives each of them the chance to select their preferred reward. Drivers won't be pulling long shifts, will favor healthier habits in the long term, and will have the chance to exchange points for a wide variety of options provided on the website and the rewards program's app.  

Marcelino added:

"Offering Livelo points as an incentive for Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus clients reinforces our 'Points as Incentive' pillar, which has been growing consistently. For Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, it means ease: there's no stock or logistics to deal with. For drivers, it means the freedom to choose the best reward for them – including travel, stays, experiences, thousands of products, and even cashback." 


Quality sleep becomes benefits 

When a trucker begins a shift, the app starts tracking their rest and their stages of sleep, such as light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep. A simple technology has been developed to make sure that the incentive program will be efficient. Using wearables such as smartwatches and smart bands connected to an app that records hours of sleep, Trucker Napp monitors the duration, quality, and frequency of sleep for drivers and converts that data into Livelo points.

Points earned through sleeping can be used however each individual trucker sees fit. Options include plane tickets, products, and cash, as well as the possibility of using them as a form of in-store payment at establishments such as Drogasil, Droga Raia, Pão de Açúcar, C&A, Sodimac, Extra, and on Amazon Brasil's e-commerce, among other partners. Another advantage is the ability to use points to make Pix transfers at brick-and-mortar or digital establishments.

All drivers have to do is create a free account on the website or the Livelo app and convert points to their preferred reward, whenever they like. And the more nights of sleep in a row, the bigger the points multiplier. 

Creativity that brings safety to the nation's roadways

Created by AlmapBBDO, the agency responsible for bringing the two brands together, Trucker Napp is an innovation that will be rolled out first with the drivers at Carsten, one of the country's largest shipping firms and a VWCO client. 

Fernando Duarte, executive creative director at AlmapBBDO said:

"With Trucker Napp, we were able to practically create a new safety feature for drivers – and for everyone who shares the road with them. And that means better health and better earnings for these professionals, who are so key to the country's economy."

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