Kia Celebrates the Inspiring Moves People Make During the FIFA World Cup

Kia Celebrates the Inspiring Moves People Make During the FIFA World Cup

Nov. 14, 2022

Creative agency INNOCEAN Berlin celebrates Kia’s partnership with FIFA by creating a campaign that pays tribute to all the inspiring moves, big or small, that people make during the World Cup. It's the agency's latest effort to strengthen the brand’s ethos of "Movement that inspires" ahead of the global event taking place in Qatar this coming November.

The campaign was launched with a main film called "Every Four Years" taking viewers on an emotional journey through different parts of the world. It sheds light on all the various rituals that come out every four years while serving as a reminder that during the World Cup, we’re all capable of inspiring things.

Directed by Salomon Ligthelm and produced by Stink films, the main film was accompanied by three empowering shorter ones, honouring the unique ways people express their fandom in.   

Along with the films, INNOCEAN Berlin extended the campaign to social media, which was shared across the world in various formats. Shorter films, as well as stories and posts were thoroughly tailored to further praise this inspiring movement online.

Jungwook Wi, Marketing Communications Team Leader at Kia stated:

"We believe that the FIFA World Cup 2022 is a huge cultural movement beyond just a sports event. Like our campaign message "Inspiration, it's in all of us," we hope that people of all ages and backgrounds will discover new inspiration in their lives as they take part in the exciting moments of the World Cup.”


Ricardo Wolff, Executive Creative Director of Innocean Berlin added:

"We've waited a long time to launch this global campaign, four years to be exact. And that's what our concept celebrates: the awesome feeling that overtakes everyone, not just hardcore fans, during the FIFA World Cup. Suddenly that old dusty flag is hung by the window and those "lucky" pair of socks are worn during the match. We're basically reminding people how inspired they feel by a sport that's not just a sport, but a movement. And these are two things that KIA knows very well: movement and inspiration."

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