Milka and Cruz Roja (RedCross) Recognize that We are More Alone than Ever with the Help of Ogilvy

Milka and Cruz Roja (RedCross) Recognize that We are More Alone than Ever with the Help of Ogilvy

Apr. 15, 2024

Milka and Cruz Roja launch a new campaign with the help of Ogilvy to recognize that we are more alone than ever. This initiative arises in response to a worrying reality: according to the study 'The Cost of Unwanted Loneliness in Spain' by the State Observatory of Unwanted Loneliness, more than 5 million people in Spain suffer from unwanted loneliness. Contrary to the popular belief of associating loneliness with older people, up to 80% of people under 35 admit to having felt lonely at some point in their lives, being more common among those aged 16 to 24.

The choice of Cruz Roja as an ally has not been a coincidence.

With its "Accompany You" program, the organization has been addressing this challenge since 2022, offering a safe space for those in need of company. Aware of the importance of making both the problem of unwanted loneliness and the invaluable 'Accompany You' program visible, the collaboration between Milka and Cruz Roja arises.

This initiative goes beyond mere advertising to focus on the essence of the problem: loneliness, especially among young people. The campaign seeks not only to raise awareness but also to promote empathy and concrete actions to build a more united community. The film shows a cube, as a visual metaphor, that encapsulates the deep isolation of unwanted loneliness, allowing viewers to understand its emotional complexity. Through intimate testimonies from the booth, we explore how loneliness affects different profiles and how simple acts of support can make a big difference, inspiring a change towards a more compassionate and supportive society.

Felix Carral, Creative Director, Ogilvy Madrid said:

"Tenderness against loneliness aims to be a strategic and extendable brand platform over time, an initiative that goes beyond advertising and truly thinks about people. The idea of launching it with a transparent box located in the busiest point of Madrid comes from a paradoxical phrase by Bob Dylan, who claimed that the more people surrounded him, the lonelier he felt."


In the spot, we embark on an emotional journey alongside the 5 carefully selected protagonists, each representing a profile particularly affected by unwanted loneliness. From inside a cube, these individuals share their intimate and personal testimonies, offering a deep insight into what it means to feel lonely in an increasingly digitally connected but emotionally distant world. In addition to sharing their challenges, they also reveal the acts of kindness and support that have made a difference in their process of coping with loneliness, providing an inspiring vision of the transformative power of empathy and compassion in the fight against loneliness.

The campaign is currently airing in Spain, reaching audiences through multiple channels including television, cinemas, outdoor, and digital media such as YouTube, Netflix, social networks, and display advertising.

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