Missing Chalices: Stella Artois Takes Chalice Theft as an "Understandable" Compliment

Missing Chalices: Stella Artois Takes Chalice Theft as an "Understandable" Compliment

Apr. 18, 2024

After "Steal Artois", Stella Artois continues to celebrate its iconic Chalices with "Missing Chalices."

Every year, thousands of Stella Artois Chalices go missing from bars. While most brands would find this "unacceptable," Stella Artois considers the borrowing of a Chalice "understandable" and sees it as proof of the brand’s value to consumers. That’s why Stella chooses to celebrate this unique and distinctive asset in a new campaign.

"Missing Chalices," created by DAVID New York, includes print ads, radio spots, and a film. The print ads and film authentically portray Chalices finding new homes in domestic settings, celebrating a behavior that, while unacceptable, is understandable.

The three radio spots created for the campaign draw inspiration from heist movie music and dialogues, imagining conversations between bar-goers planning Chalice robberies.

Andre Toledo, CCO at DAVID New York said:

"We aimed to showcase Stella Artois' worth and put its Chalice in the spotlight with real consumer behavior that will resonate globally."


The campaign is already underway in Chile.

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