Ad of the Day | The North Face: Built For The Trail


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Film Film




The North Face has joined forces with advertising agency Guerrilla, FAMILIA director Francis Wallis and producer Emma Stevens Broyd to deliver a spot that is sure to set hearts racing. Showcasing the brand’s new line of VECTIV shoes, the ad juxtaposes running with off-road motor racing to highlight their supreme ability to tackle any terrain. Set on a dry, sun-drenched trail, the 60” film centres on two individual runners, preparing themselves to set off on their journey. While they stretch and fasten their laces, the shot cuts to a car engine revving, raring to go. Runners and racecars alike hit the road when the lights turn green, dust flying around them both as the spot dramatically cuts between the two. Reaching its close, the two runners come together, having conquered every twist and turn over rocky terrain to reach their final goal.


Advertising Agency:

Guerrilla, London, UK


August, 2022

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