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In Central Asia New Year is traditionally celebrated at home and the holiday mood was coming with the iconic Coca-Cola Caravan on TV. How to bring the magic of the legendary trucks to the youngsters that don’t watch TV anymore? In 2023 Coca-Cola literally moved house to the streets of the city. More precisely, two super star TikTok houses - BIP and YOLO. On the eve of the holiday creators of popular content traveled the country right inside a real home room built in the legendary Coca-Cola trucks. On the road Tiktokers were streaming live, therefore everyone could ask a question or see themselves on the other side of the broadcast. People could also track the Caravan’s route online and those who captured the trucks in stories, won a special bundle. As a result Caravan visited 16 cities in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Brand increased package sales growth in Kazakhstan by 16% and received more than 68 million interactions with the brand on social networks. Coca-Cola fulfilled childhood dreams and stood out from the clutter of the usual New Year's campaigns, creating real magic.


Advertising Agency:

Ogilvy Mega Media


August, 2023

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