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Southern regions of Kazakhstan are struggling with annoying heat during summer. How can Sprite activate the brand to help people cope with it? Kazakhstanis are famous for their love of fighting sports, so Sprite gave them a chance to deal with heat in a local way. This summer brand created a unique “Beat the Heat” machine that sprays water for the punch. Stronger the punch - longer the refreshment. Sprite installed the machine in 5 southern cities of the country. Participants who shared punch-videos in stories were gifted with ice cold Sprite and exclusive stickers. Moreover, Sprite invited real fighting sports stars to promote the activation. The special one was the local internet legend Han Ata, who recently hyped in social media with a punch-phrase said to his fighting opponent - for this time he turned the phrase against the heat. During the activation period the machine collected 26,972 jabs and 35,142 hooks. Gained 5,074 UGC, reached more than 30,000 interactions and over 700,000 views in digital. But the main thing is that Sprite literally gave Kazakhstanis an opportunity to fight back against the heat.


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Ogilvy Mega Media


August, 2023

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