Barking Owl

Barking Owl is an original music, sound design, music research, mixing and licensing company.

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Barking Owl is a company committed to spectacular work and an easy fun process. We are aware that sound design and music in particular, are very subjective and we are dedicated to making sure that you not only leave Barking Owl with the feeling that you got everything you wanted out of the sound, but that you were also a part of the process. We strive to create a collaborative, open environment. We work with some of the best sound designers in the business, as well as a field of 40 freelance composers and bands to get the best group of talent for your project. We take great pride in making sure that your viral, commercial or feature project sounds just how we all like it. Amazing.

Latest News

Jul. 24, 2024

Nail Launches Quirky "Lady in the Gas Pump" Campaign for the Rhode Island Lottery

Nail Communication’s new campaign for the R.I. Lottery attempts to reinvent an underutilized advertising medium gas pump videos

Jul. 23, 2024

Ogilvy Paris Welcomes a New Senior Creative Duo: Helene Boudin and Vincent Lesne

With their respective and complementary backgrounds, they form an experienced and talented new creative team