Mike's and Fantastica Bring Humor Back to Creativity in Peru

Mike's and Fantastica Bring Humor Back to Creativity in Peru

Apr. 12, 2024

Mike's, the leading ready-to-drink brand, and the creative agency Fantástica join forces to challenge the conventional and bring humor back to Peru. Instead of focusing on defying restrictions, we prefer to highlight the bravery of Mike's and Fantastica by flipping the script and launching a campaign that combines product functionality with the humor and sarcasm inherent to the brand.

For years, humor has been a delicate and restricted territory in advertising. In response to this reality, Mike's, in collaboration with the Fantástica agency, has devised an innovative campaign that pushes the boundaries. This disruptive approach stems from a revealing insight: in an environment saturated with restrictions, authentic humor has lost ground. To overcome this limitation, they have implemented a unique outdoor strategy using QR codes that reveal humorous messages when scanned, restoring the freshness of conventional advertising.

Alejo Gomez, creative director of the Fantástica agency emphasizes:

"Advertising has become boring globally."


Starting with a fun and bold PowerPoint, it becomes evident how each filter loses strength, resulting in brands that become too alike. This perception led to the determination to find a way to overcome a politically correct and dull world, bringing back the lost grace to advertising.

Mike's, known for its authenticity and fun, launches this campaign with the purpose of strengthening its position in the Peruvian market and attracting more young consumers. The initiative aims to highlight the functional attributes that make Mike's the preferred choice in its category, challenging restrictions and showing that life is sweeter when unfiltered.

In the words of Carolina Avila, Beyond Core Marketing Head of Backus, she stated:

"With this campaign, we want to impact young people in a disruptive way, turning conventional advertising on its head. Mike's essence has always been authenticity, fun, and a touch of rebellion. We want to inspire our consumers to enjoy life without filters, and we believe this proposal will resonate especially with the vibrant generation of young adults aged 18 to 35."


In that sense, Alejo Gomez, creative director of the Fantástica agency, added:

"Collaborating with Mike's on this campaign has been an exciting experience. We are confident that this innovative proposal will resonate with the audience and further solidify Mike's position as a leader in its category. We are eager to see the positive impact it will have on nationwide sales."


The campaign targets a key segment representing 51% of the population aged 18 to 35, focusing on social activities such as "High Energy," "Music & Chilling," "Humor," and "Mike's Lovers." Additionally, Mike's invites interaction with the campaign by scanning billboards and participating in the opportunity to win exclusive merchandise.

Finally, Mike's and the Fantástica agency extend an invitation to everyone to join this campaign and enjoy life without restrictions or blah. It's time to break the filters and bring back the freshness and humor to Peruvian advertising

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