Chupa Chups: More to Explore, 2 0.0 Chupa Chups: More to Explore, 1 9.0 Penny: Las Wedding Invitation (Documentary) 0.0 Penny: Las Wedding Invitation 0.0 Ankerkraut: Taste Again, 3 8.0 Ankerkraut: Taste Again, 2 8.0 Ankerkraut: Taste Again, 1 9.0 Mauritius Images: Clear The Rights, Clear The Ocean 7.8 Samsung: Love Hurts 9.0 Ad of the Day | O2: For Every Home 9.0 Alte Nationalgalerie: Magical Reflections 8.0 O2: The Visible Net 9.0 Ad of the Day | O2: The Visible Net 10.0 Dash: #VisionPlasticFree 9.0 BMW: Hypnopolis 2 5.5 Penny: The Wish 10.0 BVG: Completely contactless 9.0 Mercedes-Benz: Giant Metal 9.0 Mercedes-Benz: Giant Respect 9.3 Hyundai: Expecting Generation One, 2 8.0 Hyundai: Expecting Generation One, 1 8.0 Ad of the Day | Hyundai: Expecting Generation One 7.8 Haagen-Dazs: #DontHoldBack 9.0 Ad of the Day | IAA Mobility: Doggy Dronecare 10.0 Penny: If You Want It Cheap–Ob-vi-ous-ly it's PENNY 8.8 LG: The Smart Good Life 9.5 Ad of the Day | MINI: Minimalism 10.0 Samsung:LoaHDDing Bars (Circle) 9.8 Samsung:LoaHDDing Bars (Bar) 10.0 Duracell: Revived 9.7 Ad of the Day | Hornbach: Make Room For Yourself 9.7 CarlNann: Corporate Design 8.0 Ad of the Day | Volkswagen: 100% SUV 100% Electric 9.0 Milka: First Egg Hunt 9.6 Mercedes-Benz: Sustainability Initiatives from Mercedes-Benz 8.6 Ad of the Day | McCafé: Steaming Billboard 8.9 Mercedes-Benz: Valet Guys 9.0 O2: Select & Stream 8.3 Hyundai: Step In, Stand Out 9.5 Klarna: What's the Catch 7.0 Mercedes-Benz: Built to Last 10.0 Snickers: Angry Jurgen Klopp 9.7

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May. 24, 2024

Ad of the Day | New Aegis Living Campaign Created by Little Hands of Stone Challenges Notions of Getting Old

Bold Creative Strategy Breaks Free From Senior Care Tropes To Get At Deeper Truths About Aging

May. 24, 2024

Ocado Invites Shoppers to Let "Summer Come to You" in new Campaign

Ocado, the world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer, is reminding shoppers of its unbeatable range and seamless service in a humorous new advertising campaign