Intermark Group: Ad Psych Field Trip, Priming 0.0 Intermark Group: Ad Psych Field Trip, Conditioning 10.0 Intermark Group: Ad Psych Field Trip, Descriptive Language 9.0 Ad of the Day | Android: Finding Love With Ziwe 9.1 Klick Health: The Happiest Holiday Video 9.7 Skelleftea Kraft: The Carbon Negative Radio Ad 9.0 Ad of the Day | Distance: Rob it to Get it 9.3 Orange: The Bleues' Highlights 10.0 CER: The Lost Ride 10.0 Canal+: Dystitles 10.0 Betclic: Extra Seats 9.0 Dove: Injectable Billboard 10.0 Heinz: Tatoo Ink 9.5 DR P3: P3 Mission 7.5 Eco House: XXXs Condom 0.0 Zurich Book Fair: Antique GIFs 10.0 Ad of the Day | Betclic: Valentine's Dinner 9.8 Teta & Teta: If You don't Cry You don't Get 7.5 So Foot: Boycott or not Boycott? 10.0 Belgo: Taste the Difference 10.0 Carlsberg: Say Hello to "Carlsberg" 9.5 Founders: Calling CMOs 10.0 German Cancer Aid: Sun Warning Flag 10.0 Midea: 90 Minutes of Air Conditioning 9.0 Time Out: Magnetic Rotulos 0.0 Horintos: Visions of Agave 9.0 Netflix: Resident Evil 5.5 Hornbach: Sneakerpool 8.7 Oreo: Cookie Lessons for All, 3 0.0 Oreo: Cookie Lessons for All, 2 0.0 Oreo: Cookie Lessons for All, 1 10.0 HOY Buenos Aires and Havas Argentina: Turn Off Your Brand 0.0 Netflix: Stranger Duomo 9.3 Coors Light: Chillboards 8.0 Dove: Detox Your Feed 10.0 Prime Video: Laura Pausini, Pleased to meet you 9.3 Ad of the Day | Volkswagen: Prank Updated 9.5 Goteborg Film Festival: The Hypnotic Cinema 9.6 Incheon Airport: Nature 8.5 Ad of the Day | Canon: Ready. Set. Quit. 10.0 Ad of the Day | Paname Brewing Company: Beer Therapy 7.3 Volvo: For The New Generation 9.0

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Apr. 25, 2024

Ad of the Day | Lacoste Unveils its Latest Iconic Brand Campaign "Play Big"

Exploring uncharted territories and placing art at its very heart, 2024 is undeniably a big year for the Crocodile

Apr. 25, 2024

L'ÉLOI Welcomes Photographer and Director Duo Jodi+Alex to its Ranks

The pair are known for their stylish flair, colourful visuals, and creative direction